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New Health-TV:
Up-to-date information for patients and doctors

A live-program with content from n-tv as well as high-quality healthcare information is broadcasted to patients in waiting zones of practices and hospitals. An additional channel provides professional content for physicians.

The pilot phase realized together with European Space Agency (ESA) has been completed successfully: results of market research are proofing broad acceptance, high appreciation and convincing efficiency of TeleSana’s new solutions for healthcare communication.

Innovative healthcare communication
TeleSana applies sophisticated, digital state-of-the-art technology for realization of its innovative communication concept aiming to satisfy flexibly and individually the information needs of selective target groups. The European Space Agency (ESA), Europe’s center of competence for satellite-technology is participating in development and market launch. TheTV-program is produced in close cooperation with n-tv, the German news channel.

Individualized program for practices and clinics
Both channels - live and professional - are transmitted via satellite simultaneously using a sophisticated content-distribution-system developed by TeleSana. Due to this technology the program can be individually adjusted to doctor’s and patient’s profiles or requirements. In this way practices can get for instance different content according to their medical specialization or regional location.

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Live News each 30 Min.

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